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Introduction and Navigation

Welcome to Don't Forget Me! Don't Forget Me is a website that is modelled around helping Families and Friends to cope with a loved ones Alzheimer's. I initially thought of the idea of the website after my grandmother was diagnosed with the horrible illness. The way that navigation works on this website is as follows: At the top left of the page there is a menu button, when you click on that button a menu will appear on the left side of your screen. To navigate through the pages simply click the page that you would like to go to and you will be taken there. To exit the menu simply press the X at the top of the menu box on the top left. If you want a fast way to return to this page just press the logo in the top right of the page!

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The Different Pages

Don't Forget Me is split into 5 seperate pages. This page is the homepage and acts like the hub that connects all of the pages, there is the about page which gives a brief insight into Alzheimer's, there is a page that talks about my personal experience with the illness and how it has affected my family, a page for different ways of coping with the illness and finally a contact page where you can contact me with any comments or suggestions that you have for the page.


The Bookcase Analogy

The video above shows the bookcase analogy, an anology that I thnk is perfect for descibing Alzheimer's. If you haven't watched the video the idea is as follows: Think of your life as a bookcase, with each shelf being a century. Now think of the shelves breaking and books mixing with different books from different shelves. Of course as some of the shelves break some of the books fall off, represnting losing a memory, when books mix you don't know what happened when, this could lead to reliving a loved ones death or thinking that you are thiry years younger than you are and many other different scenarios.


The Future of the Page

Dont' Forget Me is recently made with new features being added regularly. If you have any suggestions you have for new features or pages for the website then don't hesitate to place them in the contact us form. On the right hand side of each page on this website there will be a twitter feed. These feeds range from The Alzheimer's Society twitter feed to the websites own twitter feed, Don'tForgetMeWeb.

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